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Jacque and I are planning a trip to Colorado from Louisiana via Santa Fe.  I'd like to do some sightseeing north of Santa Fe to Fort Collins but am not sure if I should get off I-25 north.  I am looking at leaving Santa Fe on US 285 to Alamosa then US 160 to I-25. 

We have a F350 7.3 with a 6 speed and will be pulling about 10,000 of camper. I would like to see some country but not fight these little roads in the mountains.  What you think, stay at home? No we're going but some input would be nice.



I just made the same trip back in October 2007.  We were out in Taos to pick up my daughter and 2 grandsons to bring them back to Virginia.  At the start of the trip we had to go down to Santa Fe for some paper work.  Part of the plan was to stop in Toledo to visit with their Aunty Allie, so I70 was the best cross county choice. Other wise I would have come back east on I 40.

We/I drove on I25 from SF to Colorado Springs.  My recommendation is if you have the time, dont go up 25.  Instead, take 285 north out of SF to Espanola, take 68 to Taos, pick up US 64 east at Taos and take it all the way to I25 over at Raton.  US 64 between Taos and Eagle Nest is part of the Enchanted Circle in New Mexico.  It is absolutely beautiful. I love it every time we go thru there.  As a matter of fact, back in May 2007 we stayed up in Red River (on the north part of the circle) and just loved it.  And one other item of note; The Philmont Boy Scout Ranch is located in Cimarron, located just east of Eagle Nest.  Make sure to watch the snow forecast as the passes thru the mountains are a little high.

I 25 between Raton, NM and Trinidad is real nice.  Be careful on some of the turns on I25 as they can be right sharp at times.


Thanks for the advise. Last year we experienced some pretty shape curves going from Hagerstown, Ma to Morgantown, W.V.  I could not gt much speed with the camper as the bottom of the hills had a curve.

I don't know when you are planning this trip so I might be to late.
But if it was me I would go from Santa Fe to Taos, then in Taos you can go west for about 10 miles and you will be overlooking the box canyon which will take your breath away. When you get done looking at that back peddle a bit to Taos and then go north up to Ft. Garland Co. and then you can turn right on 160 and that will take you up over La Vetta pass to I 25. You can also go left at Ft. Garland on 160 till you get to Monte Vista, and go north on 285 from there. Truth be told when you get up in that part of the contry it don't matter to much which way you go it will take your breath away as long as your heart is still beating.
I grew up in Monte Vista so I might be a bit partial to that part of the world.

Well I know this is an old thread but we did not get to make the trip last year.  This June we plan to try again. The difference is I am going to New Castle, Wy first to shoot prairie dogs. Then to Fort Collins to visit friends. 

I keep looking at taking U.S. Hwy 285 from Denver to Salida.  Maybe staying there a few days and making a (less camper) trip over to Montrose and Uray. Then leaving Salida and heading to Taos or Santa Fe.  Is this (285) a pretty decent highway to tow the camper?


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