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Rock Not Centered

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Banjo picker:
Could you please explain what you mean by other side?  Do you mean yours is grinding the outside first?  I think Yellowhammer s picture needs a slight rotation as well.  Banjo

   Yes the center line of the rock to the saw blade is outside or operator side.

Thanks for the replies, it just makes sense that mine is set up wrong, and its best to mount the rock on the centerline or a little outboard so as the rock wears it moves more toward center, and not further off the midline which puts even more slant on the edge.

Can't say I ever paid any notice on mine. I have't sharpened a blade in months. Haven't run the mill in months either. I'll try to remember to check next time I do.

Just out of curiosity what width blades are you running? I would think the rock should basically stay in alignment no matter how much the rock wears. However if the drop is set for an 1 1/4" blade and you are running 1 1/2" then it would fall to the back side. Same thing as blades wear from sharpening but would then move toward the other direction.


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