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Baker Roll Call Give-AWay!

Calling all Baker Products users!

We want to see what Baker Machines you're using, and know what products you're producing.  Take a picture of your Baker Products equipment in action and post it here as a reply with an explanation of what your end product is, and on December 22 we will choose a winner.  The winner will receive all that you see in the picture, including: a Baker Products gym bag, Baker blue t-shirt, Baker blue hat, Baker camo hat, Baker coozie, Baker pocket knife, Lenox Folding Jab and Utility Saw, and a LumberWolf 26" wood saw.


Merry Christmas!!!

Well, I'll certainly take advantage of this opportunity!



The photo above shows a 36" southern yellow pine log on "Tom", a Baker 3638D sawmill.

This thread tells the very special and unique story about "Tom" and how he came to reside on my farm.,70363.msg1055966.html#msg1055966

Our primary business is quartersawing, and we use our Baker Mill extensively in the process.  Logs larger than 36" are cut into quarters using a chain slabbing mill of our own design, and then the quarters are processed on our thin-kerf Baker into boards and planks.

With a milling length of 24', we frequently mill long timberframe timbers with our Baker.  Timbers longer than 24' are processed on a swing blade mill.

Love the story behind Tom's mill and the pics!

Those hand saws are awesome.  I have one here that I got from Tom In Mo  years ago and many times I will grb that before I'll grab a chop saw.  I'm real particular about it and it is still in its original cardboard sheath.

Sometimes there's no school like the old school!  Some things just need to be done by hand.


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