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It's a sunny, cold morning here in southern Missouri, and we would like to wish everyone on the forum a happy new year!  Trade shows are fast approaching, and that is our chance to connect with many of you face to face and show off some of our equipment.

Our first show is at the Air Works Auction in Mt. Hope, OH, February 16 and 17, 2018.  We'll have a Wood Wizz surfacing machine up and running, and maybe another piece of equipment.  That one will remain a surprise.  Who's coming?

We hope to see you there!  Come by our booth, say hello, check out our products, and let us help you improve productivity and profitability for your business.  We'll see you in Ohio!

Peter Drouin:
Are you guys going to VT Northeast loggers expo??

Unfortunately, we will not be in Vermont this year.  Our next shows will be on the west coast at the Redwood Region Logging Conference March 15-17 in Ukiah, CA, as well as the East Coast Logging and Equipment Exposition May 18-19 in Richmond, VA.

Peter Drouin:
Thanks for the info.

You're welcome.  Keep an eye out on this feed for more of our upcoming shows.  As they are scheduled, we will announce the dates and locations on here.  There are several more we plan to be at.  Hopefully we will be attending one near you and we can meet you there.


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