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Owner's Assistance Network
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Mapped locations and contact details of Peterson owners who are happy to speak with those interested in purchasing a Peterson Sawmill.

Peterson Sawmiller's Business Directory
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Mapped location and contact details of Peterson owners who operate their own custom sawing or timber/Peterson related businesses.

Private Owner's Group on Facebook
Peterson Mill Owners ONLY
Chat with other owners around the world, share stories and images of your milling exploits, ask for tips and tricks and advice on how to get the best of your mill. This group includes a number of Peterson staff so you can often get responses more quickly than by email.

Owner's Only Area on Website
Peterson Mill Owners ONLY
Mill manuals, parts lists, business information and more in this secure area of the Peterson website created just for you.

Peterson HQ Contact Details
Phone: +64 7 348 0863 (a/h defers to mill specialists)
Skype: petersonsawmills

We received this feedback from one of our customers recently, thought I'd share it here so you can hear it from the horse's mouth! We WANT you to succeed with your mill, and will do all that we're able to make that happen.

"I just wanted to say, I don't think I've ever received such great service from a business! 10 points for Peterson Sawmills, your team is just fantastic.

You've all helped me so so much with all my little problems and I'm not even a customer of a new mill - my mill is like 30 years old (hahaha, an olden but a gooden!  :) and its still going  ;) with several upgrades and repairs, but still going. And its thanks to the help of Chris and the whole team there, and your awesome help at doing everything you could to help educate me, get new parts, old parts, made up parts! How to use my mill, how to look after it and calibrate it.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all there  :) I really appreciate all your help and excellent service. So many businesses these days will take your money and that's the end of the smiles and good help, but not with you lot  :) its really nice to experience."

- Tristan O'Meara, Australia

Posted on Facebook.


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