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Just the Facts, the Crown virus.

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doc henderson:
I have spent about 3 hours a day making sure we are ready in out medium sized town for and influx of patients, and the possibility we could get a patient positive for the virus.  I hope this can address the facts, as we know them, and am including an article of our drill/run through yesterday.

Hutchinson Regional prepares for Coronavirus - News - The Hutchinson News - Hutchinson, KS

Hopefully this topic will remain "clean" of any political language and can remain here for our general conversation and updates.  no_no

We now have our first "confirmed" case in Mississippi so I suppose that it is not a matter of if, but when.  I am hopeful that our normal hygiene and avoidance will lessen our chances of contacting this virus.

doc henderson:
Yes, good hand washing and common sense if dealing with someone with a cough and flu like symptoms.  Most people would survive this virus, but if 1/2 of our hospital workers had to be quarantined, it would shut down healthcare for our community.  Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

I have been notified by my company, anybody who can work from home must work from home by VPN until March 31.   I am going to save a lot of gas not commuting.

They have also closed the lunchroom and factory buildings to only manufacturing personnel.  They are afraid if somebody on the manufacturing floor gets sick, they will quarantine everybody who works with them and factory will have to shut down if there are not enough people to run it.   
We make semi-conductors, so the factory floor is class-1 clean-room; full bunny suits, HV laminar air flow, and sub-um hepa-filters.   Pretty much the safest place to be to avoid a virus.

My daughter is in the UNH marching band, and she was going to Dublin Ireland to march in St. Paddies day parade, but its all canceled now (was to fly on Saturday).   She is pretty bummed but ok about it.  

My BIL and his wife flew over to Ireland yesterday, I am pretty sure they are stuck now unless they can get to the UK for the flight back.


doc henderson:
we have the ability to use telemedicine even if the pt. is 20 feet away by computer.  I would not like the idea as it would make the pt. feel like a leper  .  another consideration is toddlers.  in theory if someone  is suspect, they will have no visitors.  with children, we will let a parent in but in PPE.  mask and gown, gloves and handwashing.  they will have been exposed anyway.  fortunately, not many children are getting the disease.  Fear is driving down the stock market.  We are trying to avoid unnecessary collateral damage.


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