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Lucas Mill 10-30 loading onto pickup truck

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Hey all, after a ton of research I'm pulling the trigger on a 10-30! My only concern really, is loading it onto my pickup. I read in another couple threads that some people just use a trailer lower to the ground and someone even used the rails as a ramp! The trailer option probably works well because for location milling, I'd need the space to load boards onto anyways if there's too many for the bed/rack. 

I'm considering clamping a piece of tube steel cantilevered off the back of the rack and then using a come-along or winch to lift/load the power head up and on. 

Has anybody recently discovered any new ways of loading it by yourself? 

One other question I have is about sharpening-- How often do you guys sharpen your blades? I figure it's probably best to touch them up before they start to wear too much. Would every 500-1000 bdft be a reasonable increment? 

I've got an old Model 8, powerhead is marked as weighing 300 kg (about 660 pounds, I guess). I don't know how the weight compares with the Model 10. I use two 9 foot long 2x6s with tailgate-brackets on the ends for ramps. I can load the mill myself with a little running start to get it up the ramps. I marked the tailgate with paint so I know right where to place the ramps (don't want the mill to go off the ramps on the way up).

When I first got the mill I hung a snatch-block from the top-rack right behind the cab, and ran a rope through this, attached to the mill, and ran the rope under the mill carriage - then I could pull the rope while pushing the mill which made it a lot easier, but now I don't bother with this. But I expect this would work well if the Model 10 is heavier. You should have no problem loading it this way. I can take pics if needed.

someone even used the rails as a ramp!

Please don't do that.  That big Lucas is heavy and could bend your rails.


--- Quote from: Dakota on August 13, 2020, 08:11:47 AM ---someone even used the rails as a ramp!

Please don't do that.  That big Lucas is heavy and could bend your rails.

--- End quote ---
I have the Lucas DSM and bought it from Bailey's at the Paul Bunyan show.   The real Lucas guys were there and gave me my training and they loaded it on my truck using the rails for ramps and recommended that as the normal way to load it.     That said, it's the only time it has been loaded that way as I have a trailer with a ramp door and the floor is only 12 inches off the ground.     The biggest issue is with carrying the ramps.   They are 20 feet long.    You'll need a set of ladder racks on your truck to hold them.      My trailer is enclosed and is tall so I can't put mine on ladder racks on the truck when the trailer is attached unless I slide them way forward and then strap them down.    When I get around to it, I plan on putting racks on the top or high up on the sides of my trailer.  

Here is a few photos of the Lucas guys loading my DSM.


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Are you pretty happy with that slabber


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