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100 ft dead pine

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I am in my 11th year doing tree service work . we have many dead trees to deal with but today one taught me something .

I went up 70 ft and put a rope in it then i dropped down 20 ft and did an over and under cut with a wide hinge because the tree was so far gone. when we started pulling with the skid steer .the rope was not tight when it started to fall. i had 30 ft of big stem over me with not much holding it. 

My bucket will go up to 75 ft but what is 5 more ft when you still have 25 above you.

i should have had the service to the house dropped and just dropped it in the yard.

11 years yes ,still learning,hell yes. glad to still be here .

I think in tree work or anything else that is inherently dangerous, the day you think you've got it pretty well figured is when you're going to get killed. I'm glad you're still learning, Slider!

bare bender i  am.thanks.

Removing dead trees from urban areas is important work.  Thanks for what you do.

Al, I'm glad you are still with us and you avoided a potential disaster.  Those of you removing yard trees earn your money.


What's uglier than MagicMan's feet?

I should have posted, back in September, in "I did something dumb today" when I was pushing over a dead pine with a tractor and had a mishap. I did not post due to embarrassment but it may serve to help someone else avoid ruining their modeling career or worse.  There was a relatively small, 50' pine that was dead.  I used the tractor fork rack up high on the trunk to gently push it.  After it had a good amount of lean and the root ball was beginning to come out of the sand, I backed up the tractor and put the end of the fork on the trunk in order to get a little further away.  All was going superbly until the top, while falling through the top of a neighboring pine's limbs broke out and was hurled back at me.  It broke my nose and I got a hook shaped scar, but I considered myself fortunate.  The kicker is that there was an audience.


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