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Does anyone have a trailer for sale that has been modified for loading logs?

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I'm interested in a trailer that has been modified for loading logs if anyone has anything like that for sale. Maybe like a log loading arch thingy? I'm tired of dragging logs up onto trailers with a winch...haha. (also I dont even have my own trailer yet, so would be nice to buy one already customized to suit my needs)

I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of posting an ad on the Forestry Forum.

how heavy duty of a trailer you want,,,i have about 4 trailers in various states of rebuilding

I'd like a double axle at least 14 ft long. Would love some capable of handling 3 ft diameter logs

Tom the Sawyer:
Should be looking for a trailer rated at least 14,000 lbs. GVWR.  Double axle trailers usually start with ratings of 7k, go to 10k, 14k, etc..  A 36"x13' oak log will go about 7500 pounds, probably over the payload rating for a 10k trailer.  GVWR includes the weight of the trailer and, if a log lifting arch has been added, along with a couple of tail trailer jacks and a winch/battery, that all reduces your allowable payload.

I drive a 2008 Silverado 1500, so I dont need anything too monstrous. For my truck standard towing is listed as 7300 pounds. It will be rare for me to be hauling anything 3 ft in diameter....normally anything over 3 ft wide I just mill myself with my chainsaw. 

I'd say a 10k trailer would be all I'd need, else I risk having so much trailer it maxes out my towing capacity before I have anything loaded, haha.


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