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Delayed black and blue bruising?

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 I posted in general that I was in an accident on Friday that blew the airbag and my chest has been sore, yesterday (Monday) I finally started to get black & blue across my chest and side where the shoulder strap was. Is it normal or at least OK to have the bruising become visible days later, it's worse this morning?

The Black and Blue takes days to come and go. I would make sure to go to a DR and be checked out for having the airbag go off in my face and chest. 

firefighter ontheside:
It's normal for a bruise to start to look black and blue several days after the injury.  After a while longer it may look yellow and other odd colors.  That's just the body metabolizing the blood that leaked out, as thats what  a bruise is.  

Raider Bill:
Yepper sure is normal.
Had a knee done a week ago tomorrow. Bruising didn't  start until 2 days ago. 

I'm glad it's somewhat normal because another big spot started appearing on the outside of my upper right thigh. I asked my wife if she was somehow beating me at night without waking me  :o. I did call my doc and she agreed it's to be expected so I can deal with that.


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