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Title: Water Cooling a Lucas Slabber Bar
Post by: logboy on April 17, 2012, 12:12:01 AM

this weekend I was doing a bit of slabbing for a customer and kept running into excessive heat buildup on the bar on my Model 8.  Some of the logs were pretty dry (cut 2-3 years), so I was getting a lot of heat buildup and crud caked on the teeth as I cut. The excess heat was dulling the chains rather quickly. So I started dribbling a little bit of water on the bar as I was cutting.  Initially the bar was so hot water was boiling off.  Once I got it cooled down and got back cutting I was amazed at how much faster it cut, as well as how much longer it cut before needing a resharpen.  Has anyone else hooked up a water dripper to their slabber?  The bar tip oiler just does not seem to be doing the job of keeping the chain and bar cool enough on the real big stuff.  Not to mention a quart of motor oil per slab for lube would be pretty expensive.  And when I'm getting paid by the hour, I cant afford to keep stopping to let the bar and chain cool.
Title: Re: Water Cooling a Lucas Slabber Bar
Post by: Kayler on May 17, 2012, 12:51:57 AM
Sounds good, I use recycled fry oil (low vis and better for the dirt)
Title: Re: Water Cooling a Lucas Slabber Bar
Post by: shelbycharger400 on May 17, 2012, 04:27:08 PM
ive been using a squirt oil can, seems to work better than the gravity feed system.
standard bar and chain oil.
the canola oil is crap, thought id be more helpful to the environment... everywhere it has dripped ect, its now like the kitchen stove was,  this yellow sticky caked on crap that dosnt come off, and it dosnt lube very well either, back to standard bar oil, seems like the chain isnt as gummed up either. 
Im currious to try a water drip in the near future,  when i was slabbin or usin a chain saw to cut frozen logs,  seemed to stay fairly clean.  Now its warm out,  oak seems to be the biggest one to gum up the chain.