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Rarotonga 2022

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Hopefully our much delayed Tropical holiday is all go this weekend.  8)  Pretty usual Winter weather here, cold and rain, so a Tropical break is called for. 

We are driving up to Auckland (about 4 hours) on Saturday afternoon, then catching an early flight on Sunday to Avarua. We get there on Saturday afternoons (Yes it makes bookings a brain strain :-\ ) We have a heavy rain warning for the next 3 days, and if that closes the road North, it's about 7 hours the long way. But we have all afternoon to get there.  

This is where we are staying.

Private rental, basically a small holiday house, right on the beachfront. It's not the place we had originally booked, that got re-booked after 2 years of postponements, but it's right next door. So we know the place and exact area. 

We will have wifi and a laptop and several cameras, so expect some updates to this thread, once we a "flip flops on the ground" 

This will be fun to watch. Enjoy !!!  8)



Early start, but we are all checked in and through security etc. Off to find some breakfast now

Climbing out of Auckland now.

Fancy newer plane, has wifi  ;D

Holding at 30,000 ft waiting for weather to pass the airport.



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