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Here are a few pictures from one of the islands off the coast of Croatia. First a couple of pics of the yard itself.


And a couple of shots of the dock side.

I'll make another post so it won't be too big.

This yard is located on an inlet on the west side of the island. The name of the place is Lamjana Shipyard. You can find it on Google Earth. Here are a couple views out of the harbor.


In the back ground you can see the outer island just barely. The sun was wrong for the shot. Also a fishing boat coming in. Around to the right of the hill in the second picture is a big catch pen where they hold live tuna that is caght elsewhere and trundled back in nets to keep them alive. They bring in several million dollars worth at a time.


You can see the other island a little better in this shot. More pics coming.

I made the trek into town this morning, about 2 1/2 miles and up hill.

Looking back down toward the yard. Only just getting started up the hill.

About half way up, maybe 3/4 mile in to it and still looking back behind me.

A coupe shots off to the side of the road and some of the local flora.

The last shot is of a drystack wall that are everywhere. Miles and miles of them

Finally to the top of the hill and almost to the other side of the island. The built up area on the other side is the mainland.

Down the other side I go.

Looking off to the north east.

Still trudging along. I don't think I get it up to 40kph. Fat boy starting to get tired.

And now a few scenes from in the town. I don't know the name and can't say it anyway. I think it's Preko

Some more shots of town.

The ferry to the mainland


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