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firefighter ontheside:
Yes, my other great grandparents came from Ukraine in about 1914.  US census records from different years listed where they came from as either Galicia(which now includes part of Poland) or even Austria.  They were not from Austria, but someone had recorded Austria where it should have said Austria-Hungary which Ukraine was part of at that time.  So, you could say that all of my great grandparents on my dad's side came from Austria-Hungary even though they were Croatians and Ukrainians.  I've also learned recently that a Croatian is someone who is from the country of Croatia, but a Croat is an ethnic Croatian who are predominantly Catholic.

I think the round trip tickets were about $1000 each.  Not as high as I expected considering the price of fuel.  We fly from St Louis to Frankfurt and then from Frankfurt to Croatia.  We have a layover in Frankfurt on the way there that is 8 hours.  It sounds terrible, but I think it is gonna be great, because we can actually leave the airport and see a little of Frankfurt.  I've never been to Germany and I have German heritage from my mom's side way back and I speak some German from taking it in Highschool and college.

firefighter ontheside:
We arrive in Croatia on May 26.  Originally our plan was to fly home on June 4, but our flight from Zagreb to Frankfurt has been cancelled.  Our choices were to choose different flights and have more layovers or to stay 3 more nights in Croatia and fly home on the 7th.  3 more nights it is, so our vacation just got extended.


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