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Tim-bor v Boracare v Borax

Started by Stevenjohn21, July 13, 2023, 07:10:55 PM

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I'm almost ready to take out my first load of slabs from the solar kiln. I plan on storing it inside my garage (attached to the house) I plan on selling 75% of the slabs and use the remaining slabs to make tables, desks etc which will then be sold on. 
I'm thinking of spraying the slabs with either Timbor, Boracare or borax to be sure no bugs enter while being stored. 
My questions are ...

1) Is this necessary? I'm thinking better safe than sorry but for the amount of time and money it will cost to spray every load that comes out the kiln, it will be a pain in the butt. 
2) do any of these products stain the wood?
3) are any of the products toxic once dried and then sanded at a later date? 
4) moisture content will likely increase once stored in the garage so is a dehumidifier recommended or will the moisture content not go up enough to worry ? 

Don P

Borate should be applied to the wood when it is green, as fresh as possible right off the saw. Applying it now is kind of a waste of the drying. It should be applied heavily, to the point of runoff to wete wood. The action is not "soaking in" it is diffusion of the salts in one body of water at high concentration, into the wood that is wet but at lower concentration. This gets it in deep. Then dry. 

I use solubor or one of the chemically identical ag chemicals, you're looking for a wettable powder form of DOT.

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