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Found a used solar kiln for sale

Started by widetrackman, August 08, 2023, 11:41:23 PM

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A guy has a used solar kiln for sale. Pictures indicate a 16+, double side doors and one end door, 4 solar panels and 4 fans. It looks like it was built from Va. Tech. Plans. Looks to have been built with some OSB panels. Condition from pictures look a little weathered but in good condition. Asking $2500. What you guys think. BTW I am not much of a carpenter.


It's worth a good look.   I don't think you could build one for much less.  It would be easy to put some siding on it and paint/stain.  The weathered OSB look doesn't ever look finished to me.  
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How are you going to move it?  My first solar kiln was 12' tall and took some finagling to move it 30 miles from where it was to my farm.  Somewhere on FF I have a post about the move.

Found it!  Here is my post about moving the kiln.
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