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Keeping holly white

Started by Dan_Shade, September 15, 2023, 09:11:21 PM

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I have a holly tree in the 14" diameter range that is in the location of a future building.  

I'd like to make some turnings, mainly Christmas ornaments from it. 

Any ideas to keep it white? 



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There's a fine line between turning firewood into beautiful things and beautiful things into firewood.


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Cut and milled a large holly years ago, it came off the mill and air dried a creme color that has not changed over the years.  I think bone white holly may not be possible without intensive effort.
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Holly tends to turn a grey colour soon after it's cut. It's a enzyme / chemical reaction that happen in the wood, rather than a fungal stain, so bleach etc won't have any effect. To prevent it you have to get the wood dry ASAP, like cut the tree, mill it, and into a dry kiln on the same day. Cold weather helps too as the reaction is slower at lower temperatures, so you have more time to process the wood.

For small pieces like turning blanks I wonder if a microwave oven would work to dry the wood?
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