Started by brendonv, November 14, 2014, 06:24:38 PM

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So I met Kevin and Tammy at the show today. Before I went to the show I bought a used Hotsy hot water pressure washer. Problem with these is the quick couplers for the hoses. I've been wanting to get some blue creeper for a while now. Pb blaster hasn't been cutting it in the past.

So these three fitting were rusted solid. I'm thinking I'll have to buy new hoses and couplers. Ha was I wrong. Couple squirts from the precision applicator and probably 10 minutes later. Every fitting is moving and free and came apart. I'm saying these things were a rusty mess. Wow wow wow.

I'm excited to use it on an antique light fitting I've been soaking in pb for weeks that hasn't budged. Thabks guys!
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I used it on  stuck brass quick connects on water hoses.
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it was great to see you at the show.  Thanks for stopping by.

I'm exciting to hear about your hose fittings! And can't wait to hear about your antique light fitting, especially because you said our competitor hasn't been able to do it. ;D  Take a picture for us.
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Sweetjetskier came by too.  He has been working on some trucks to get them ready for the snow.  He should have some places to use Bluecreeper too.  Although I'm waiting to hear how he liked the Handkind scrub.
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We got ours at the show in Hartford to!

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Sorry I missed the two of you.  Love the pic and using it for my contest.
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