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Started by trapper, January 10, 2016, 02:20:53 PM

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The wheelchair carrier on my bil van was rusted tight for months when he told me.  I put blue creeper on it and got this email today.  I am going to give him some from the gallon Tammy brought to me at the pigroast. Another reason to go to the pigroast.  Personal delivery of small items from logrite.

.Marv, that grease you put on my scooter carrier, works great. It took a few days to soak in, but, it sure was nice opening the rear hatch, today. As could as it is, the carrier swung, open like it was brand new.

What kind of grease is it? I am going to get some.

Again, thank you, it was a great help.


stihl ms241cm ms261cm  echo 310 400 suzuki  log arch made by stepson several logrite tools woodmizer LT30


Great work Trapper!   Spreading the word and making believers one person at a time!!!!

Kevin has his own Bluecreeper experience this weekend too!  His truck has the Bluecreeper logo on the back.  Some guy walked up to him and asked if he was at The Big E where the gentleman had bought some to try.  After trying it he became a believer and was looking for a place to buy some.  He'll be paying us a visit this week. 8)
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