Question on spray bottle.

Started by gspren, February 07, 2016, 04:06:08 PM

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  Does the 16 OZ spray bottle shoot a stream or a wide spray? I have the small precision  bottle and most of the time that's great, amazing how many bolts can be treated with those little bottles but there are places in under tractors, etc. that you cant get the bottle up to so shooting a stream of BC would be nice.
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What BC should make is a precision bottle with an extra long "needle" starting at the bottom of the bottle so you can use it in the vertical position!
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ljohnsaw - we are looking at some new bottles for Bluecreeper.  a couple will address just this so stay tuned.

gspren - you can adjust the sprayer to do both mist or stream
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   Tamiam, thanks for the info, I will get a spray bottle but I need to wait until I think I'll be home for a week or so to order.
   Another question, would spraying the leaf springs on a boat trailer that gets dunked in salt water do much to prevent corrosion?
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I am a blue creaper believer but rust prevention is best left to fluid film.
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gspren -  Bluecreeper is not heavy enough for that application.  brendonv is right fluid film is better for this job.

sorry it took so long to respond I was having trouble meeting with my technical adviser.  ;)
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