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Not cedar

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 This log was with some cedar logs. What is it?

Old Greenhorn:
Rainbow Poplar?


Sweet Gum that was allowd to sit for a while.  I make a lot of it, and folks love it.  

Might even be box elder heart. It's few of that red in the heart up here. Looks like a bunch of fungal stain to, even a spot of dry rot (white spots). I've seen fruiting bodies on them dry rot spots before, wood laying around.

Reminds me of several stories I read about where someone goes and picks up a wooden floor loom. The seller gifts all kinds of wooden pieces along with it. Could be something off a chair or cabinet, they just hate to toss into the firewood bin. The buyer becomes puzzled over what the heck it is and where it fits. Love it. :D :D


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