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Lt 40 question

Started by Bruno of NH, May 23, 2024, 05:24:35 PM

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Bruno of NH

Yesterday afternoon after the mill was hot from running all day the 150a fuse blew out.
Changed it ran the rest of the day
The same thing happened today 
Any thoughts please
I have orders to fill lots of folks nearby don't. 
I need to sort this out .
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What were you doing when it blew?  Starting the motor, sawing, turning a log? 
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As Southside noted, the operation being performed is the key to finding the problem.  It pretty much comes down to two things.  A part going bad (like the starter drawing too much current, alternator), or a short from wires rubbing on things.

Using the forum search engine you can find threads from other folks who have experienced the same problem with the same saw.  Some millers have replaced the fuse with a circuit breaker instead.  At least it will keep you from running out of 150a fuses at a critical time.

Keep us informed. Thanks.
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Bruno of NH

I shut the mill off 
Then the lights went out 
Lt 40 wide with 38hp gas and command controls , F350 4x4 dump and lot of contracting tools

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The only time I ever blew one of those big fuses on my 35 was when I had a stick jam in the drive side roller bearing while sawing at a pretty good clip.
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Narrowing it down to where to start looking for the problem is important.  

Since it's the 150 amp fuse, it's a short likely in the high current circuits for the starter or hydraulics.  
Because it's associated with switching the ignition switch off, the starter circuit is where I'd start looking.  Check wiring, solenoid and starter.  Check the ignition switch, if it's energizing the solenoid at cut off it could be causing over current in the starter circuit.

The complicating problem is it's somewhat intermittent.  
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Bruno of NH

Figured it out 
I think
When I changed the drive bearing assembly and drive belt.
I had the break band set to tight I think .
Lt 40 wide with 38hp gas and command controls , F350 4x4 dump and lot of contracting tools

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