Production starts with Baker Products staff

Started by B@kerJB, January 24, 2018, 05:54:23 PM

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Production Starts with Baker Products Staff
   It is no secret that Baker Products offers an extensive line of equipment which allows customers to increase productivity within their own facilities. Whether it be Resaws, Band Sawmills, Notchers or Material Handling equipment, you can find the products you need to make your job easier and more efficient.   This company in rural Missouri strives to produce a product that will enable customers to improve their business.  But where does it all start? If you guessed that it begins with the owners and employees of Baker Products, you are right!

   The biggest boost comes from Ed Baker, Owner and CEO.  He believes that an individual's overall health can increase their productivity. Whether it is swimming laps in the morning, running half/full marathons or participating in a 100-mile adventure run, Ed is constantly exercising to "act as a beacon for the staff of the company." Ed feels that by exercising you increase productivity as it allows you to sharpen your mind, enhance creativity and allow for faster learning.  Pushing for high productivity within the company, Ed leads by example. 

    Studies show that eating healthier and exercising more can increase work productivity by at least 21%.  Putting this research into practice, Ed is an advocate for competitions like the "Biggest loser" within the company. CEO, Salesmen, Drafting/design, Machine Shop, Fabricators, warehouse, assembly and custodians are all among those participating in some sort of weight loss challenge within Baker Products. "There are many avenues to succeeding in these challenges, said Ed Baker, "and Baker Products wants to try to help in any way possible, such as a full-service gym available to the employees at no cost. Many of the employees involved in these challenges incorporate the Gym and/or run outside to achieve their personal goals.

   Ed Bakers main goal is to "promote a culture of fitness and productivity!" I personally have been employed at Baker Products for a year and a half, and the culture that surrounds the business has had a positive effect on my life. The encouragements within the company have given me to opportunity to learn, grow and produce where needed, but it hasn't stopped there. The numerous "lunch runs", not the food kind, and the active lifestyle has resulted in my participation in three, half marathons and dropping weight I thought I was doomed to carry forever. The active lifestyle is a nice positive, but the greatest outcome has been my overall productivity not only at work but at home also.

   An atmosphere within the work place like that at Baker Products encourages people to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and also builds comradery within the company. Staff members have the opportunity to laugh, joke and talk about strategies that will aid in accomplishing goals.  Participating in wellness activities brings employees together, increases morale, and increases productivity.  If this sounds like something you'd like to know more about we would love to share results with our followers. You can see weekly results on our Facebook page