Realign the pulley on the gear box

Started by Kthiry, November 20, 2021, 03:49:43 PM

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I just changed the all frame with the angle gear box on my lucas mill model 825, and as it is written in the manual i have to realign the pulley with the other pulley of the motor, otherwise the belts are not straight.

So i wonder if someone know how to do that in the right way, i already tried to move the pulley on the old gearbox that i changed  after unscrew the two screw on it, but nothing move so... I guess i have to do something with the "key" on the shaft. 

One thing is a bit weird, like you can see on the second picture, its the fact that i have to move the pulley on the left and it seems that the pulley is already full on that side but i hope im wrong.... 

If someone could help, thank by advance. here's two pictures. 



Don P

There are several types of taper lock sheaves, this is one, if you can find a name stamped on it to google it might turn up a manual;
bushinginstallation.pdf (

Basically with a straight edge across both pulleys when they are aligned there will be 4 points of contact... both edges of each pulley lined up on the straightedge.