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Building a Low Tec Processor on a Boat Trailer

Started by Old Toad, August 14, 2023, 04:17:13 PM

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Old Toad

My inspiration is Mike on youBoob, check his post out,
Homemade Wood Processing System - YouTube

Now for my build:
We have 2 conveyors, a 25 year old modified wood splitter and a rather largish boat trailer to place the log rack upon. The movable trailer log rack about 6'x10' will have 4 jacks and a roller conveyor on the edge. Replacing the springs then the trailer goes to the welder for a log frame install.
Not moving far, just want to move so I can help a neighbor process wood or clean up sawdust.

Not sure about the chain saw attachment, Mike has a simple solution searching for better.

Used to use a log arch and 4 wheeler when the kids did a homeschool firewood business, very labor intensive.
Now a 43hp Kubota and Wallenstein winch.
Still too hot and logs are in a wet spot but the platform is a high priority.
Looking for ideas, only the chain saw and woodsplitter are powered, Gravity and a little elbow grease to get it done...


 Mike is good people, he can work with nothing and figure out a way to get things done. 

 My thoughts for a low tech processor would be a dead deck to stage the logs on. Pull them across onto the feed, which would be a sliding table that was powered by the splitters ram stroke. And a gas chainsaw mounted to make your cuts. 

 Take a look at how Halverson skid steer mounted processors work to get an idea of what I'm talking about. There's also several euro entry level processors that use the sliding table feed. It's about as low tech and effective as you can get.
Too many irons in the fire

Old Greenhorn

Quote from: barbender on August 14, 2023, 06:46:22 PM
Mike is good people, he can work with nothing and figure out a way to get things done.

I'm not so sure this is the Mike you are thinking of. This guy only has one video up and a lot of things in that video don't look like the "mike' that many of us may be thinking of. I'm not sure either way..
Tom Lindtveit, Woodsman Forest Products
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OK, maybe I'm the woodcutter now.
I work with wood, There is a rumor I might be a woodworker.


 Ah, thanks for the heads up, OG. I thought this was Mike Belben. 

 This video isnt't great, but it gives and idea of the potential, and shortcomings of the sliding v table design.
Too many irons in the fire

Old Toad

Thanks for the suggestion, viewed the video, nice piece of equipment.

Springs arrived today from AgriSupply 4 leaf, 26", $78.93
Applied Kroil to the bolts.
Charging up the impact, got the black sockets and jacks, time to switch broken springs for the new one's. I should have purchased new bolts.
Found a log rack from JAPA, a 425

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