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Blaze king for slab wood

Started by Nealm66, January 15, 2024, 12:23:24 PM

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I've been using slab wood off the sawmill for 2 seasons now and thought I should share how it does in the blaze king. I can get about 12 hours burns in average pnw weather keeping about 1500 sq ft at 72*F. It's the princess model. Thought I should share this. It also works nice during this cold snap during the day for quicker hot burns. Processing all the little pieces sucks and takes a lot more time than firewood though.


I cut all my hardwood slabs into 16" lengths and stack them in a barn to dry. They burn great in the wood stove.
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But it's wood!! And it keeps you warm!!!
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I should've mentioned I've only burned Doug fir slabs and a lot of it's pretty small/thin. I don't think it would work very well in a regular stove or in colder climates but who knows

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