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(Solved) LT40 Blade tensioner reseal question

Started by Full Circle, February 29, 2024, 06:35:40 AM

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Full Circle

Below problem solved.  The same seal is installed at the other end of the tensioner and it is clear that the flat face goes against the seal. Thanks.
 I ordered a seal kit for the hydraulic blade tensioner on my LT40 and to save some time disassembled and started cleaning the components.  Only after it was too late did I notice one of the metal blocks could be oriented in two ways, and only one is correct. That's where I need some help. 
   The part is called the piston guide and it is the block between the tension handle and the gauge, just before the gauge. One end of the piston bore has a bevel, and the other end has flat face and an internal shoulder that matches the diameter of the piston.  I don't know which end goes where.
   The seal kit came with very good instructions and diagrams for installing the seals but does not show proper orientation of this part.  I called Woodmizer technical yesterday and was disconnected mid-call while the gentleman was trying to look up the diagram for me. I hoped the diagram in the seal kit would answer my question. I'll call them later today if needed, but figured I'd ask you folks first. Thank you for any help.

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