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230 D timberjack hydraulic pump

Started by Caseybow123, February 14, 2017, 09:00:54 PM

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Good evening all. Anyone out there know what the GPM is for a 230 tj hydraulic pump.  I blew the seal on mine and found out that they don't make a seal kit for it. I have found a pump that will bolt up and it is rated for 19 gallons per minute.  Is this close to the original?


Can you get the number off the pump housing?
If it has been replaced before it might be an aftermarket.
Google the number

don't know if thats the right flow, but if you just have a cable skidder, you probably don't need a whole lot.


It is the original pump off of my cable skidder. The pump is a 24406-LAE cessna (now eaton) There never was a seal kit for these pumps and I don't want to order a new one for $1200.00 out of  Chicago.  Found a pump at Princess Auto that will bolt in for $130.00 but unsure off the GPM.



I was thinking 25 if memory served me right but 23 sounds right also


don't know much about them pumps but it bolts to the back of the motor right and they want 1200 for that pump they are nuts  :) I only payed 1000 for the double pump that runs my log loader


It bolts on the front of the skidder and runs off the crank.  Posted a couple pics in my gallery.


when I replaced mine I bought at harrolds logging in maine for 600us.  Same pump at timberparts in sussex was 900 canadian but not in stock. that was 7 years ago so likely more now.
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Bought a pump today at Princess Auto for $139.00. 22 GPM, bolts in exactly as the eaton pump, just had to change the 2 hose fittings. I am not sure but I swear the hydraulics are faster than original. Amazing what you can find in stores when you are not looking for it.


what is the part number for the pump you bought??  It might help someone who needs to replace one. 
Did you have to modify your front grill?  I looked at one similar one time but it stuck out farther and i would have to modify the screen a little to make it work. 
208 timberjack 353 detroit, case 580 super K backhoe, homemade bandmill, 357xp, 372xpg


I cannot locate the pump I purchased on the website but the one attached is identical only slightly less gpm.The sku number is 8375446. I am confident this will also perform well. This pump bolted right on with no modification other than a couple port fittings.  I had a slight issue with getting the 2 hoses on because the in and outflow ports are on either side of the pump, while the eaton setup is on the front.  If your hoses are too short, it can be resolved with a couple  $8.00 adapters. Another pump slightly larger that will work is the 8375461. You would however have to modify a keyway to attach to your crank. So far I haven't been able to find any issues with mine. Although it is not an industrial rated pump, for less than  $150.00 I am impressed so far.



Is the princess auto pump still working?

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