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So the other day one of the guys who trucks for me said our local mill isn't buying any more pine and may be closing. I called the buyer and left a message but never heard back. I have sold pine to them for years and they are/ were a sizable operation.
Anybody else know about this?

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Hi, There was a tremendous storm 2022 that took down a 25" red oak tree that I found in the woods. The log is off the ground and will take a lot of effort to get it out of the woods. With a tree that has been air drying that long, will the wood be very difficult to mill? Would it be better to...

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How's business? I just finished up a big job but aside from that it's been really quiet. I have not been this slow ever.

Timberking 2000, clutch stop engaging, switch checks out ok, connections at clutch seem to be good, after a little while it will start working again. Anybody have this happen?


A local sawmill museum burned down a few nights ago, it is about 30 min drive from my home. I had stopped by a few times but not when it was running....always meant to go back when it was running... sadly too late now.

Bangor mill fire

A few pictures I took in 2017


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