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Tools for Timber Framing List

Started by Jim_Rogers, April 05, 2004, 10:06:17 AM

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Great, thanks for your feedback. They are expensive for us Canadians with the current exchange rate, but I am hoping this will pay-off in time savings.


Excellent thread!
As a novice about to tackle my first timber frame build, I have spent hours here reading up on various topics concerning the "Do's & Don't's" on just about all of proceedures of a build (I still have a few to go). 

After reading this thread, I would like to get some input about tools. For the most part, I have a vast majority of the tools with only a couple of items that I will need to pick up. 

What I am interested in here is about chisels and slicks from the experts in the field. Specifically what to look for when shopping around ... Recommendations (that will not break the bank) ... Pro's & con's of various manufacturers ... Etc. 

My thanks to this sight for the loads of information!
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I have a 2" slick I picked up off of eBay.  Crusty, rusty - it took a bit of work to clean it up.  I has a socket for the handle.  I made one from an old (hickory?) shovel handle.  I put a copper collar on it so I could hit it with a mallet.  After finally actually using it yesterday, I now know I did it all wrong!  I made a handle that was about 16" long for a total length of about 24-28".  The collar makes it very uncomfortable to push and the handle is way too short.  I'm going to make a new handle with a ball end on it, kind of like a baseball bat.  Might even cut down a bat and turn the end to fit the socket.
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Hi Jim,  

I'm interested in the Millers Falls boring machines you have up for sale.  Are they still available?  If so, could you  please send pictures?

Millers Falls Boring Machines
#L10  and #Q10.

Thank You, 
Aaron Johnson
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