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Finished flooring

Started by Bkhabra, October 16, 2023, 06:57:03 AM

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I recently had a timber frame built (the build was too big a project fir my skill level).  The posts are sitting directly on the subfloor (over beams).  They put in 3/4 spacers so I could install the hardwood floor under them, but there must have been expansion (maybe the subfloor?) and now the gap is maybe a 1/2 inch.  Are the any recommendations as to how I can install the hardwood flooring without putting an ugly baseboard or quarter round around the post?  8x10 oak posts abd the floor is 13/16" oak.  Was thinking to plane the flooring down, but wondering if anyone had suggestions.  Thank you.  

Don P

More likely the posts are compressing the subfloor or the spacers. The end grain of the post is considerably stronger than side grain, the post can punch into the subfloor or compress the spacer if not well thought through.

A flooring jamb saw or oscillating multi-tool can undercut the post a bit to create a 3/4 height slot above the sub floor.


Thank you Don for the feedback.  I've cut many a door jams with a Japanese saw to fit flooring.  Is that what you are recommending?  I was just worried about the integrity of the post.  Cut in a 1/2" each on every side?  Would that be ok?  

Attached some pics to make this post more interesting!



firefighter ontheside

You can cut all the way to the spacer without changing the strength of the post.
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That makes sense as that's where all the load is.  Thank you.  I'm assuming I'd be able to break off the chunk by prying it off with a chisel after making the cut?  


Make your life easier and get a cordless Oscillating saw.  I've got a Milwaukee.  Fein was the original invention.  Patent is expired so everyone makes them now.
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Tom King

I would cut the shoulder so you can slide a piece of paper between the shoulder and the flooring, so the flooring can expand and contract without opening up somewhere.  I would use a Japanese saw because I never could make a pretty cut with an oscillating tool.  Run a spacer for the handsaw to rest on while making the cut, and chisel out the end where you can't get to with the saw.  I'm able to get chisels sharper than razors though.

When I'm building new houses, I finish the floor first before the doors are trimmed out.  I set the door casing so you can slide a sheet of paper under the casing.  It doesn't matter the first time, since we prefinish trim, but it helps a lot any time painting is done in the future.  I did everything, so order of work was completely controlled like I wanted to.  No one notices the three or four thou gap at the bottom.

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