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Japanese 100v power tools.

Started by John Doherty, February 18, 2024, 08:59:20 PM

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John Doherty

On eBay, I see affordable chain mortises from Japan running 100v. Since we use 120v, what is the risk to buying this tool and using in here in the states.  It uses the same plug but would probably run at slower speed. Anything else? 

This would be a compliment to the awesome Swan beam drill Jim R sold me.  


I have a Makita groover made for the Japanese market (100v/50 cycle and 100v/60 cycle) and it runs just fine on 120/60. I know of two other gents who have one and they say the same thing. It runs a little faster with 120v.

[edit: Actually, the groover I have has a universal, asynchronous  motor made to run on both 50 or 60 cycles. The tool speed is the same (9000 rpm) whichever Herz is being used. In Japan the eastern half of the country uses 50 hz and the western half uses 60 hz so having 50/60 capable tools is common).

I think there might be a problem with overheating in a machine in continuous use but a groover or mortiser or other portable power tool is used intermittently so heat is rarely a problem.


John Doherty


Yup, my experience is the same as Gary's.  Unless you're in production you ought to be ok!


I have a Makita 7100B that I bought off of eBay in January and have had no issues with it at all. Like everyone else said, as long as you're not using it continuously, it shouldn't overheat. If you're looking for an economical option to try out before dropping the $2600 on a brand new 7104L, I would definitely recommend buying one if you have the extra cash to spare. I'm currently building a 12'x24' timberframe shed for drying my lumber in and it has saved me a ton of valuable time. Hope this helps.

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