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Cabin without sill plates

Started by Aleksy, March 30, 2024, 11:01:53 AM

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Hi everybody, it is my first post. If i'm asking in wrong place pleace let me know. I want to build a 10x20 cabin on piers, is it possible to make it without sill plates, just attaching posts to piers with anchors? And how can i make a floor and Walls in this case?


Welcome Aleksy.
I suppose you could, but wonder why you would want to?
Look at diagrams of pole barns. The poles are either set in ground, or on top of concrete piers or wood in sleeves. Those structures don't use sill plates, however, they have wooden members that go horizontally between those poles called girts.
You said the cabin will be 10 x 20, which isn't two large a footprint to suspend floor joists from very strong girts..
You have asked a very simple question. To get good answers, You need to provide more information. Fill in your profile information as to where in the world you are, and tell us more about your building site and why you would want to not use traditional methods.

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Thank you for answer.
Im from Poland, and I wanted to build a cabin without sill plates to use less timber and because piers are only 8 Inch High, and the sill plates will be under moisture influence


I am building a log cabin without sill plates.  The bottom log is bolted to steel plates that are welded to steel piers.  The floor joists will be attached to joist hangers on the bottom log.  Note that the bottom log is 20 inches above grade level at the nearest point to avoid moisture.
You may think that you can or may think you can't; either way, you are right.

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