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Board and Batten conundrum

Started by bigshow, May 27, 2010, 08:29:52 PM

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my first posting!!   I have a SIPS homewith fiber cement siding (in traditional horizontal lap) Per the manufacturer , I had to screw with 1 3/8 inch screws one foot on center into 3/8 osb to maintain thier warranty.  Installation was slow but I have been very satified with the results and are going on 5 years with no problems whatssoever...


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I don't have experience with this approach but it seems to me you'll need blocking (another batten) behind the center of each board to keep it from folding when you start driving nails.  16" is pretty standard but I went 12" when nailing my siding to the SIPs.
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I'm putting up board and batten on my shed. I am using 8 inch boards and 3 inch battens.
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Big Show,

I don't see how you are saving a step going batten and board vs board and batten.  You are still putting up one of each and I think you will have some issues reversing as Raphael has alluded to.  Just thinking out loud here.  You will have to measure ahead of time and plan out your battens if you reverse and you will have to nail both sides of you board which can split the wood as it shrinks.

I think I gave details earlier in this post, but I ran some furring and did 10 inch boards nailed on one edge about an inch apart and used a 4 inch batten nailed in the center.  the ring shank nails have held fine for over 6 years on my barn and the 4' batten has held up equally well w/out curling.

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I do more reading on this forum than commenting, because I don't understand alot of the lingo. It may a have been said with out me knowing it but I didn't read anything about board on board siding. Using 1x10 and 1x8. I put it on my barn and it looks great. I think it looks a lot better than board and batt. It takes a little bit longer putting up but you don't have to put on any batts.
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