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Exposition VT

Started by Peter Drouin, April 21, 2022, 08:17:09 PM

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Peter Drouin

Anyone going?

I hope I did this right, Boss. ;)
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I hope to make it.  Right now I do not know what day.
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Peter, did you read the sticky first?
Click onto Calendar, then a drop will appear, Post Events.
This will make a link and post it on the calendar.

They had the on in Maine last Oct/
I did not even hear about it until a week before it was held. Too late to get the day off.  :(   >:(
First one I missed for years.
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Peter Drouin

I think I did, I tried to so not to pith off the boss. ;)
A&P saw Mill LLC.
45' of Wood Mizer, cutting since 1987.
License NH softwood grader.


Whatever you do, have fun doing it!
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I lived in Essex Junction for a few years, used to go to the Exposition to see the Hell Drivers.  I haven't been back in a long time. 
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My wife and I are going up. Planning on Friday. Makes a long day, but it's always worth it. Gotta stop in Rutland to pick up a repaired alternator, a junk starter and a radiator at B&B. Mother has one stop planned for the return trip. 
We will try to be around the Wood Mizer display around 12:00 or 12:30 to see who else might be there.
Have a safe trip. Maybe see you there. 
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