Restoration of WM LT40 (non-hydraulic) Bandsaw Mill

Started by MissouriLogdog, April 24, 2021, 12:17:16 AM

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I recently retired, and just purchased (and restoring), hopefully to a Like-New condition, a "Barn Find" 1997 Wood Mizer LT40, non-hydraulic Mill. It had been stored away in a Turkey Barn for nearly a decade, out of the weather, and under a good 1/2" of dust. The Log Deck/Carriage is like new, but the Bandsaw was completely in pieces. I'm waiting on a Parts Manual from Wood Mizer to analyze exactly what may be missing, besides the Gas Engine and the Control Panel... all else seems to be there, with the exception of certain bolts/nuts/etc.  I am in hopes someone on this forum can steer me to a decent used Control Panel, and would greatly appreciate any advice, directing me to the best size/brand motor for this mill. I was told that it would take a 26 HP gasoline engine, but I'm wanting to know if it would cause any issues to up the engine size to around 35 HP? I am in Missouri, and will be milling mostly Eastern Red Cedar, with also random White & Red Oak Logs. I am a Canadian-trained Handcrafted Log Home Builder and up until now, my Milling experience has been via a Granberg Chainsaw Mill. I am looking forward to, and would greatly appreciate, any & all advice/direction/mentoring/assistance that I can acquire from the members of this Forum. I look forward to participating in, and contributing to, this Forum.  Thanks to all who can assist.