Wood-Mizer LT28 clamp mod

Started by Mountainmindset, May 17, 2021, 07:06:18 AM

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Here's a video I did that shows my clamp mod on my Wood-Mizer LT28. I added the bar clamp from an LT15. Thought some of you may find it handy. It really helps me. 

WV Sawmiller

   Nice job and good idea about the bar clamp.

    Did the plugs fix your engine problems? I have the same engine on my LT35 and it got to where to where it would start good then bog down. I called WM and they suggested some checks to do. I went to HF and got a couple of in-line spark testers and found when it got warm it would only run on one cylinder. It was a bad coil. Local Kohler dealer had it in stock and my small engine guy put it on and had the feeler gauges to verify. It has run fine ever since. Might be something to check if more problems. Good luck and nice video.
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Yea the plugs fixed it but I probably change the air filter too. I put a new one on it last fall but haven't cleaned it in probably 6 or 8 hours of sawing. Lol. I'll keep that in mind if I have any more problems but it runs good now that I changed plugs. 


Did the lt15 clamp fit right on or did you drill holes to mount it?