Lt 40. Which motor?

Started by moandrich, June 14, 2021, 09:23:24 PM

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We sadly sold our LT40. It is sad to see it go but we feel it is our only opportunity to upgrade to a newer mill despite the 72 week wait. We are getting ready to order and my question is 26 or 38hp kohler?  Is there enough added performance to warrant the cost and extra fuel of the bigger engine?

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John S

I have had both.  Currently the 38hp and the Wide option.  I highly recommend the higher horsepower, the added expense is well worth it.
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I concur, especially with the wide head model you'll want that HP. My 38hp LT-40 cuts wide hardwoods with ease.


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Thanks for the help. Ordered the 35hp
woodmizer lt 40HD  2007
Kubota RTVX1100 2019
Kubota L3940   2009


Good decision.  Horsepower is king, and the faster you can cut, the cooler the band will stay, and better it will do.  

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