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Drive Links and Drive Sprockets

Started by 51cub, January 02, 2023, 05:07:49 PM

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Are drive sprockets fairly universal? If I found the answer in my forum search my reading comprehension isn't working, no surprise there. Anyhow, my neighbor pinched his bar beyond recognition. The bar and chain that came off are 16", .050 gauge, .325 pitch, and 66 drive links. I couldn't match that at my hardware store. If he goes out and gets a bar and chain with all the same specs but a different number of drive links, will that work? Or do we have to find all the same specs or change the sprocket?
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One drive link off is enough to matter.  Going from an 8 tooth sprocket on my 066 to a 10 tooth, I have to use a longer chain.  You don't want to go up on number of sprocket teeth unless it's for a special purpose.

No need to waste time on the wrong setup.


Since the bar is damaged anyway, you can make changes and chose what is best for your needs and what is available.  Bar length 16" if you wish to stay with same length.  .050" or .058" but make sure bar and chain are same gauge.  Stick with .325 pitch to match your drive sprocket.   

What brand and model of saw?


Usually the bar number with a driver count will be embossed in the bar .Generally speaking a hardware store won't be of much help .You can find bar sizes and mount designs on the internet .Just to say it's a bent bar with no more info won't yield much info .It's about like saying my saw won't run and expecting people to extend any help except take it to a saw shop .Google is your friend and it's free . ;) 


I admit all those numbers I don't understand.
I myself would not buy from a hardware store. I use to work at one and the chains we sold I would never run on my saw.
My dealer helps me out. 
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John Mc

The chain is easy to replace with the info you've already given (.325 pitch, .050 gauge, 66 drive links). If there is no one locally who can help you with that, we can find a mail order supplier who can help you.

In order to find a bar that works, we'll need the brand and model of the saw, and whether the owner wants to stick with the same bar length.

I would stick with the same type of drive sprocket. (They are specific to the pitch of the chain, but the gauge does not matter. If it's a rim sprocket, they do come in several different sized inside diameters. If it's a spur sprocket, that's a star-shaped thing that is part of the clutch drum. If the the rim sprocket (or the spur sprocket, if that is what you have) is too worn, you'll want to replace that as well.
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