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Echo CS590 w/not restart when hot.

Started by deminin, January 08, 2023, 10:39:24 PM

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I recently bought a new Echo CS590.  When it's cold, it starts easily, but if I shut it off to refuel, etc., it will not start until I let it set and cool down for an hour, or so.  I'm about 1/2 hour drive from the dealer if I need to take it back for warranty service, I thought I'd ask here for any simple things I might try before taking it to the dealer.  I've changed the spark plug, and tried both settings on the Winter/Summer "vent", with no difference.  I'm using fresh 91 octane, no ethanol fuel...50:1 mix...which seems OK in my other tools.  


I had the same problem with a Echo saw I bought a few years ago.It had a five year warranty and dealer replaced coil free of charge and I haven't had any more trouble.
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 Could be the coil, first try pulling the choke out then back in to set the fast idle which helps starting when hot.   Steve
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It's that dang auto-tune again.  :)

Steve's right on trying the high idle when restarting. Give that a shot first.
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I have had the same problem with my 620p so I will give it a try also. Otherwise, a great saw.

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