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Cheap kiln data logging

Started by barbender, January 06, 2024, 03:27:15 PM

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 I thought I saw you guys talking about some cheap controls or at least data monitoring units on here somewhere, and I can't for the life of me remember what or where! I need to data log temperature levels to heat treat firewood for USDA specs, and I'm not ready to make the large investment (for me) of a real firewood kiln and controls.

I don't remember the specs right now, but the probed samples have to reach a certain temperature (150°?) and maintain it for a certain period of time. All of this has to be logged onto a recording device (computer) and documented.

  The mechanics of getting the wood hot I can manage...the recording of it is outside of my wheelhouse😁 Any ideas?

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Look up USB data loggers.  They are used for a all sorts of general monitoring. After the kiln cycle you download a PDF or Excel sheet that shows all the data points it recorded. Should cost $50-$100 for a decent one.

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Double check that digital records are OK.  In the dairy world, and back when we had APHIS authority to export, we had to maintain a physical record, ie - a chart recorder, of time and temperature.  The records have to be stored for so long, etc. 

If you have to go that route there are 48 hour and 7 day paper chart recorders one can find quite reasonably. 
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I'm not sure how granular you have to get but I've been using SensorPush hygrometer/thermometer sensors. Bluetooth right to an app on your phone and you can export to CSV. No account or any of that nonsense necessary. Not expensive either.


I use two systems: AC Infinity and Fireboard.  Both record temps. They are relatively cheap.  Both have smart phone apps to monitor anywhere you have internet. 
The AC Infinity app on my phone can control systems, display current temps, humidity, set points (triggers for controlling DH, Steam, power vents, Fans, etc).  It records and graphs the elements you select.  You can download CSV and plot in Excel.  The temp and humidity Sensor is Swiss made and is very accurate.
Fireboard is a digital BBQ Thermometer that has 6 ports for probes.  You can select 100K Thermistor probes or RTD probes.  I use the Thermistor.  You can verify test accuracy with ice bath and boiling water. I find them "dead nuts accurate." The system records sessions in 24 hour increments, is continuous from one session to another, and saves on the website.  You can leave it alone for any period of time and go to the phone app or website and view each session.  I have both the Fireboard 1 and the newer Fireboard 2.  I use the old one for the kiln. call them up and ask if they have any version 1's for sale, they are about half the price of the fireboard two, which has a better display.  but in my case, I use my phone and no need for the display.
Pictures show current temps in the kiln this early AM.  the AC Infinity probe is collocated with one fireboard probe.  You can see one is 139.2 and the other is 139.9.  my heater control is set to 138 to 140 degree F. The kiln is at the sanitization stage for some maple.
I have attached pictures for you, but go to each website to learn more, download the user manuals, etc.
I will also add a picture of the kiln with firewood I did last year for my smoker.  I use Lignomat PK probes to measure moisture content.  Have some real long probes (around 3") for firewood, to measure the core.  I take all readings outside the kiln in the kiln control cabinet.
let me know if you have any questions.


two more pics...


Awesome! I will be looking into that!
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The Fireboard and AC Infinity ones especially seem like they'll work perfectly for your needs.

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