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Walnut slabs in nyle

Started by forrestM, April 24, 2024, 02:44:25 PM

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I've got some 2.5" walnut slabs in my l200m 

They were air dried to 15 percent, and I'm trying to take them to 6-8 percent mc. 

Kiln has been up to temp for three days and they haven't budged. 120 db 98 wb

Should I just kick the temperature up to 140 or 160 to sterilize now and let that heat drive out the last moisture down to 8 percent?



10/4 live edge walnut slabs into my Nyle L53 at 18-20%. 1-1/2" sticks with supplemental fans so I have lots of air flow. 120 db and 90 wb. If they don't give up water I run the heat up to 150 for a couple of days and let the kiln cool back down than start over.

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