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Diversification ?

Started by snowstorm, February 10, 2014, 09:02:34 PM

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what else do you do other than cut wood to keep the biz going? i plow roads partly because i like it and at times it supports the logging biz


arr spelled the title wrong.. devircerfy


Process and sell firewood, grow grapes and install vineyard trellis posts (more dollars in the installations than the grapes thus far  :) ), used to raise hay but retired from that, plow drives in the neighborhood, sometimes staying home costs less than working :-\ :)
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We farm, small grains, and graze cattle.  Use some of the same equipment for both operations as a result and the change of pace makes it nice.  That and it give us the opportunity to double use woodland we can buy when the right deal is to be had.  Of course it also means mother nature has a double impact on us.  Oh well, a lot better than sitting behind a desk. 
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I have a welding company that does bridges and building we do what is called stud welding, that is a 25 year old business and up until a few years ago I painted motorcycles. The woods used to be a place where all the employees worked when things were slow. Back when the pipe lines where going strong here the loggers all when to work for the gas company. I went from one machine to 4 just to keep up. The economy has knocked the hell out of the welding business and I closed the door on EmpireGP after 12 years in a bad economy who is worried about making there bike look perfect again. My screen name plasticweld is about all that is left of what I used to do. I have always done at  least 1 other thing besides log


 in the summer I cut blue stone    its more of a hobby    it pays for my up state weekend trips  :) :) :)


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I edit web post titles to correct the spelling, just as a side line.

But it doesn't pay very well  :D
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I only cut wood in the winter, and not really full time.  I have a trail building business that keeps me in the woods and busy through most of the year.  I've been growing and selling a bit of garlic too, but that really just pays for garden expenses...
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Quote from: Ianab on February 11, 2014, 04:03:13 AM
I edit web post titles to correct the spelling, just as a side line.

But it doesn't pay very well  :D
have you sent anyone a bill to get paid :D :D 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)


We have snow removal equipment for our own properties and I use to do a dozen or so other places as well but after wearing out my gear and not making any money and not getting our own properties plowed in a reasonable time I gave up doing other properties and only do my own.


Part time highway dept plow snow-equip op.Thinking of going back to firewood and stay home.Days like today I feel 83 :D.
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Iam a lucky man while running my sawmill and logging I had two fellows that worked for me. At the same time I was a electrical lineman and later in years the boss of the department. I  started there when I was 17 and was able to retire at 47 and now receive a penson check every month. Whitch takes alot of worry and stress away,at first I felt guildy about retiring at 47 then a few friends reminded me of all the nights I climbed poles in ice storms thunderstorms and tornados and you name it Ive been called out to make repairs. Still it was one of the best jobs any young man could get in. Standing on a eight foot diving board working 12,470 volt lines gives you a rush just the feel of that voltage though 20,000 volt gloves pretty cool  :D.


 I used to sell gravel and build fields and ponds ,at the same time i had logging jobs going on. I sold off all my logging equipment a few years ago, and most of my construction equipment.  between maple sugaring ,sawmilling, and my shingle mill ,i kept 2 of my old cat 235 excavators and shear scrap in my buddys junkyard.  Heres a few pictures of my shear ,lot easier on these old bones then pulling skidder cable. Don

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That is one serious shear  :o :o

Gotta be some fun in running that thing just to see what it can, and can not, do.   :)
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Thats why i don't use it in the winter, in cold weather it can"BREAK"!!!!!!! ;D ;D
Interests: Lombard Log Haulers,Tucker Sno-Cats, Circular Sawmills, Shingle Mills, Maple Syrup Making, Early Construction Equipment, Logging Memorabilia, and Antique Firearms


For nearly 2 decades I have also run a pre-commercial thinning crew during the summer season.   We've done as many as 1700 acres in a season.  Since purchasing the ctl equipment 3 years ago I have scaled back that side of things and this year may not do any.  I get a bit of work with my excavator and dozer but they are bought and paid for and can sit if necessary.  I also do a fair bit of cut, split and delivered firewood during the summer and fall but that money primarily goes to support my entertainment habits.
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I started out doing excavating work 6 years ago but the economy took a hit here and had to diversify and started logging now that's all I do is log haven't had a excavating job in 6 months that don't bother me one bit though I got tired of people wanting a $5k job done for $2k
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the dirt biz went down hill hard around here 5 yrs ago. it used to be pretty good. about 15 yrs ago one of the snow plow contractors retired. and i got in. the good part the check comes every month and it cashes. the bad i have to be here all the time. parts are to pricy along with fuel and cutting edges. there is a lot of preventive maintenance and stock quite a lot of parts. when the north wind blows the trucks have to go 

CCC4 I can't really reply on my own behalf. However my boss has got it made here is a list of how he keeps up with his lifestyle and his hott girlfriends...yes multiples!

1) logging crew
2) Buys and sells land and timber
3) Gets kick back from subbing logging jobs to other crews
4) sells skidder tires like a mad man
5) hauls aircraft parts for McDonnel Douglas all over Hell's half acre
6) has land clearing service (3 1150C dosers, 1 D8, big track hoe and dump trucks running full time)
7) has 300 mamma cows on 1,300 acres of endless pasture
8) formidable "horse trader"...very good at it too!

My boss is 49 and plans on partly retiring in 5 years...the guy is sharp as a tack.


Logging/ thinning and clearing
Residential snowplowing

Between those theres not much spare time
Logging and Processed Firewood

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