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need to be less hot headed

Started by coxy, February 10, 2014, 07:33:16 PM

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yesterday went to work and saw all kinds of  snowmobile and feet tracks all around the skidders and log pile looked on my seat my tools laid there not all of them   my blood started to boil   started the skidder and made a mess of the trail for a half mile maybe more the rest of it I put tree tops in it  they    me off    well today some snowmobiles came by and they stopped you know what happened then  one guy was saying sir sir please stop yelling we broke down up on the hill Saturday night and needed some tools we took your locking pliers and a screwdriver to get home we are just here to give them back   I felt like a fool  I told them thanks but hade some bad news  one guy says we are not aloud to ride here any more I say not for a few hours I put tree top in the trail that I will have to get out and put some snow back in the trail as its down to dirt they got a kick out of that said they understand I thanked them again for bringing back my tools and they left     so I made the trail smooth  as I could  came back after lunch and there was a 12 pack of cold ones on my skidder seat with a note thanks for the nice rideing and the tools    so not all people are bad :D


Glad that all worked out for ya man! We have too many tweakers around here to have alot of happy endings. Good read for sure! Thanks!


Now that is a story with a happy ending.  I smiled with you at the ending.   :)
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Hats off to you. And if the temps around you are like they have been here they were probably good and cold ones. :D
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I am right with you I hate nothing more than a theif but anyone is welcome to borrow anything they want as long as its brought back
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 Glad they came back and expressed their appreciation. A case of beer goes a long way when mending fences. :D I came across a vehicle stuck on a road under construction. I borrowed a cable from a crawler parked nearby, got him out and put the cable back. Later I met the operator and told him. He had no problem as long as it was cleaned up and put back.
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I probably would of thought the same thing. I will admit it,I'm hard on people.
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This story is pretty relevant. We had our chains for our grapple skidder laying on the ground at our landing. We were working on a hunting clubs land so we were way off the hard road. Well a person stole chains for only one tire so we hid the other chains for other tire in the woods. 2 weeks later we found the chains that they stole right where they took them. Kinda weird they stole them then the brought them back.  :D 


It would have been smart to leave a note, just a short Hey we got hosed so we borrowed a couple things, should have them back by xxxx.  At least then a guy wouldn't be upset right away...

I would probably do the same thing finding stuff missing (probably Hel I know I would) and then when they brought the stuff back turn bright red and start mumbling about being an [I have typed a profane word that is automatically changed by the forum censored words program I should know better]...

well that didn't work

Nemologger time I had a set of chains stolen. Called the sheriff and reported it, figured some logger got him some chains and I would never see them again. Law called me that afternoon, couple guys had tried to sell them at the scrap yard.
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don't that just burn your butt 2-3000 dollar set of chains      and these bozos sell them for few hundred bucks for beer, cigs or drug money don't get it

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I heard a story awhile back I don't know how true it is but the story goes that a logger about 45 min north of me had his brand new chains stolen by the guy working for him so he showed up at his workers house with a 357 mag shot the guy in the leg and took his chains back as I said I have no idea how true it is as it was before my time but I can see it happening and can't say as I blame him
79 TJ 225 81 JD 540B Husky and Jonsered saws


I had a friend and his buddy who bought a wood stove but had to go several counties over to a old cabin to pick it up. He backed up to the cabin went in and commenced taking the stove down and were  sliding it out the front door to the truck bed. They looked up and the county sheriff was standing with his pistol out. "Hands up", "it's over for you boys now!" exclaimed the sheriff. The barrel looked two feet long like a shotgun, my  friend said later.

All he could think to say was ,"wait, you got the wrong men, I know my sheriff, don't shoot!" :D Just so happened the law actually knew my friend's local sheriff. They had a big laugh about it. :o


One of my problems also I use to fly off the handle pretty quick also,been a few times in my career Ive called guys in the evening and apologize. Not proud of it but Ive always been a workaholic and exspect so much to get done in a days time. One of the hardest thing I had to learn not everyone works like me we are all different.


A friend of a friend was owed some money for work he had done for another party.  My friend and the guy owed money where at a Chinese place for lunch. The deadbeat walked in.  The guy who was owed money said to my friend "Here's the check for lunch and some money.  Go up the register and pay.  " I have to run out to the truck."  So my buddy did as he was asked.  When he got done paying the guy who was owed the money who was back in the restaurant after his trip to the parking lot grabbed my buddy by the arm and said "Let's go."  "What did you do?"  "I'll tell you when we get in the truck."

It turns out that the guy who was owed the money ran to his truck and got a .44 magnum cartridge and wrote the amount he was owed on the casing with a Sharpie.  He then went to where the deadbeat was sitting and placed the cartridge on the table without saying and word and all the while making eye contact.

He got his money, in full, the next day.

I love that story!
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Quote from: Nemologger on February 10, 2014, 10:31:37 PM time I had a set of chains stolen. Called the sheriff and reported it, figured some logger got him some chains and I would never see them again. Law called me that afternoon, couple guys had tried to sell them at the scrap yard.

Thats what we figured was was going to happen. We had everybody keeping there eyes peeled in the scrapyards. Chains were basically brand new


We lost our spare tire chain this fall and they also took the old burred up cable that we had changed out.

Called the local scrap yard but got nowhere.


I pulled into the landing one day and my grader was just sitting a tiny bit different than I'd left it... lock was shot off the door....I was instantly mad!!  When I looked in at the steering wheel, there was a note and a $50 bill taped to the wheel, saying that they'd gotten stuck and had to shoot the lock to get the grader started to get back out. They  left their full name, number and address and apologized. Later in the week, they showed up and made sure I'd found the $$.... hard to get mad at someone that's in a bind and honest as that.
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