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Title: The back pages
Post by: biziedizie on September 03, 2003, 04:00:08 AM
  This is something that Jeff wrote wayyyy back and I think it's cool that we can go through the threads and learn things. :)

  We may be having a change coming. I'm not sure if you will even notice when it happens.  

  I noticed the domain name had never been taken. So guess what. I bought it. So sometime in the future, if your old bookmark does not work, try typing in and we will be there! I needed a new place seperate from the Timber Buyers Network to host the site because of the space it takes up.  

Everytime we write a message, the site grows, and so far I have refused to delete any old threads. About the time I do, someone will want to refer back to something that I thought was not important enough to keep. So, unless something drastic happens, I will never delete old messages.

 I still need to figure out how you guys do that cool thing where you make the words turn gray.

Title: Re: The back pages
Post by: isawlogs on September 03, 2003, 10:58:35 AM
i'm also glad that the old message don't get blown away I like going to see what is on the back burner  ;D  :P  :P

When you figure out how to do the highlightin thing let me now I try it a while ago ... :-/  and when I read my post I swore to myself  ;D  ;D