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Title: decent chains for Lucas slabbing attachment?
Post by: Iron Mtn Scott on June 26, 2012, 05:44:40 PM
Perhaps one more question. Being way up North, I've had to buy my chains for my slabbing attach from Bailey's. Great people, super helpful & friendly, but the oregon dedicated (reads unique & expensive) specially configured chain is really expensive. I'd like to have several, for the "just in case scenarios". Problem is I'm a hobby miller only so to have 4 or 5 $90 dollar chains isn't in the program. If I use my one, and I wreck it, I'd be down for about a week minimum by the time I was to order another one. So, does anybody use a chain that works as well?  I don't want to tax my mill's motor (25hp) and speed isn't my need as I'm hobby not production. Anybody tried to use something else and have it work as well, maybe even better? All ears to try to get something a little less costly but if it is a need to only use the Lucas (Oregon) specialty chain, (for the motor's sake etc)  then I'm all in.
Title: Re: decent chains for Lucas slabbing attachment?
Post by: logboy on July 19, 2012, 03:02:20 AM
You can buy a standard chain, file it to the correct angle, shave the rakers down to .050, and cut off the teeth you dont need to make your own super skip chain.  It will save you money but it will cost you a fair bit of time. Personally I get them from Baileys but I have a sawing business. I think I have 7 or 8 chains now.  Your other option is to just get replacement teeth and punch them out and replace them as the chains wear out. The bulk of the chain is just links. No need to toss them out when only the handful of teeth are toast.

The boys down under have made this inquiry before. Might want to read up on what they do: