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Author Topic: mig welder upgrade help  (Read 5723 times)

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Re: mig welder upgrade help
« Reply #120 on: July 19, 2021, 10:08:18 AM »
Yup, massive place with underground tunnels connecting the various dungeons buildings. ;D  I did enjoy the store and range that was open to the public on the other side of the complex. Been there, got the T-shirt, literally.
Tom Lindtveit, Woodsman Forest Products
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OK, maybe I am the woodcutter now.
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Offline mike_belben

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Re: mig welder upgrade help
« Reply #121 on: July 19, 2021, 11:05:42 AM »
Oh were going full derail now.  How many pages is it?   Eh what the heck some guys will love an insider story about the magical place their pistols came from.

For 28 years, One single person maintained every shooting range in both plants alone, among many many other tasks.  Tours show just 2 or 3 but there were a dozen and change total.   18 of those years was my father. Several hires lasted just a few months before they hired me to do it and i did for 10.   My father went back to the machine repair side from facilities and finished out 41 or 42 years total.  

Anyway, quite a few people shot themselves at the public range, one whom i grew up with actually. I worked alone on 3rd shift about 6 years i guess.. and that building would talk to you.  I brought quite a few other employees over for genuine overnight haunted house experiences.  Lots of people wouldnt work there.  The connector tunnel at the main plant was nothing compared to the ww2 half that the public never saw on the other site.

It looked like a mental facility corridor with tiny metal meshed one way glass lining the hall on each side and you felt continual eyes on you because you couldnt see in, the rooms saw out. The glass went into extremely creepy soundproof pistol rooms shooting into a little window sized door in the opposite wall to reduce the heating envelope. It may have originally been an interrogation center because thats exactly what it felt like.  A perfect set to shoot horror film. No props needed.  And to creep itnto the max, someone let a highschool art department paint a 3d city grid mural on one wall of an underground corridor with people and city blocks.  You always thought they were moving around.  A real head game.

Back to the little rooms. Only the shooters end is climate controlled.  Beyond that is natural temp.  Sometimes these steel plates i wrestled were sweating summer moisture, sometimes they were iced.  

Well in that little open shooting window is just black space. You shoot into a black unknowable room behind that..   Beyond the darkness of that black room was a catacomb of sandbanks sort of like in an apocolyptic abandoned parking garage with sand hills walled up between the columns.  When shovelling out sand i always figured id dig hoffa up eventually.

That was the old half of the public site, built by the gov to test 50 cals and such.  1inch deflector plates.  The building was called "The academy."  It was huge and unmanned at night except me if i had to do a repair.  This old builing lived in secret behind that nice new store you saw, behind a false wall.  There was 300yd long pitch black underground rifle ranges at the far end and the shot up car body and manequins for police training were always good for an eery feel behind you.

Some spots had no lights, cobwebs, building banging and clanging at you..  Hear footsteps but no one around.  I worked very close with the guards and they all had stories of zone motion alarms but the camera shows nothing in the hall yet the zones are going off in sequence as if a person walked down it.  Every guard and memaintenance worker had a ghost story.  You swallowed your fear or bid elsewhere..  The elevator went up and down on its own on one guard.  3 stories. All blacked out when you walk in fishing for the light switch. 

 So back to range work.  that wasnt a fun hole to crawl through into the black abyss of your own fear.  I always expected eyes to shine back at me.  

There was a common job i dreaded called throatplates.  These 1x4 ft steel wings would deflect bullets into the slit leading into a decel chamber of one sort or another to a lead conveyor.  Theyd get bowed and id have to pull them down, go back to main plant, press them straighter and get them back up. i had to lay up on this 45* steel plate that i could barely stay on and jam my arm through a steel slit to reach bolts i could only feel.  In a haunted house at 2 or 3am alone, where heavy doors open on their own once in a while. There were times i was just waiting for something to grab that arm from the abyss and rip it off.  Hairs on my neck stood up quite often.

My final years were on weekend 12s.  Fri/sat/sun.  Me, my dad and brother (and obviously many of our long time friends) all had an overlap on Sunday.   We had "sunday dinner" at lunchtime.  It became quite a to-do.  We knew where the cameras were, All the buttheads and nobodies were gone and it was just us good guys, sorta the heart and soul of the plant. Guys who didnt say oh not my problem when a disaster happened just before clock out time.  If the place was on fire this was the crowd that would be secret unsung heroes on monday when the bigwigs are patting the safety butt hole on the back who put some papers in a binder a few years ago and hasnt worked since.  

Anyway i had the company truck and the guards all buttered up. One of has the keys to conference room.  Guys would talk all week about what to have this sunday.  Dole out chores andnshopoing lists, pass around a scrap of work order with your contribution,  crockpot this or that, soda chips whatever. We had huge spreads secretly in a leather chair conference room and the sunday guards only wanted sunday because we always brought out huge plates to them.  Immaculate clean up, everything back in its place and none are the wiser until next sunday.  It woulda got us all canned by the beancounters but it was the only reason half of them stayed that extra year or 3 when they coulda retired.  Comraderie.  The only part i miss of that company.

There.  It took 7 pages but i brought welders back to food!  :D
Isaiah 48:10

Offline GRANITEstateMP

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Re: mig welder upgrade help
« Reply #122 on: July 19, 2021, 07:43:51 PM »
mike, got any pics of the Sunday food spread???

To not go too far off the rails, I use a nice ol' Miller. It's either a real late 90''s or very early 00's
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Offline mike_belben

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Re: mig welder upgrade help
« Reply #123 on: July 19, 2021, 10:04:24 PM »
Ya know.. Ive got 16 THOUSAND pics in this phone and none of that sadly.  Dont think theres any in my old one either.  Too bad.  Lotta good times. 
Isaiah 48:10

Online Walnut Beast

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Re: mig welder upgrade help
« Reply #124 on: August 12, 2021, 03:55:08 PM »
New Miller 255 update. Finally picked it up. The Miller tech replaced the whole circuit board after a month of calling the engineers at Miller and doing various tests 🙄. The Tech said the Miller engineers wanted the bad circuit board back since they have not seen this problem before. The Tech welded with it for 20 minutes and said all was good. So hopefully it is 😂

Offline welderskelter

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Re: mig welder upgrade help
« Reply #125 on: August 15, 2021, 08:39:43 PM »
At the price of bottles and wire I am so glad I am old school. I run a cheap fixed shade helmet. An old DC 250 stick welder. I do probably more welding than to be called a hobby welder. I have so many friends that have wire machines that just sit because it is easier and cheaper to use a buzz box. I spend money on things like cut off saw. Drill press tools of all kinds instead. Just rambling. ::)

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