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My son is driving his mom's 2009 malibu that has been junk sice it was new in my opinion. It's had more money poured in it over the years than any misengineered car deserves, but I digress. 

The headlights on the thing were so cloudy the lights died out about 100ft out.  i refuse to put any more real money in the thing. Ive tried those polish kits. They only work if the lights are not real bad. These were bad.   I'm guessing this fix won't last forever, but It may very well out last the hunk a crap It's attached to. If not, I'll do it again. I wet sanded the lights with 800 grit sandpaper, then 2000. I then washed them well, dried them off and made the magic happen. A coat of clear krylon spray paint. BOOM! it filled the scratches and made the lense clear again. Jeremy took it out last night and said the difference was unbelievable. 





doc henderson:
"clearly a bright idea"!   :D   8)

Excellent idea.  Ill remember that one.

Not my idea, I saw it on youtube and said Hey!.

That car is sacrilege to the Chevelle of old. I dislike them myself.

Ive been told that toothpaste once a year works for cheap, but I distrust the source. 

NOW, if they only made those out of real glass, then Id spend the coin on them for my ride, but alas....


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