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On a Sad Note

Started by Magicman, July 09, 2023, 09:26:08 PM

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On July 4th a good friend of mine went out to raise his US Flag.  Thunder was heard and he was found unresponsive.  CPR provided a "heart beat & breathing" and he was put on a respirator, etc. when the ambulance arrived.  He has had no brain activity since then and was removed from the respirator this afternoon.

Rest in Peace Randy.

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doc henderson

sorry to hear that MM.  we never think it will happen to us.  
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That is sad to hear.
You just never know what will happen and why.   :(
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My sincere condolences. 
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Just call me the midget doctor.
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My condolences, Magic😢
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Walnut Beast

Definitely sad to hear. About 8 miles from here on the Fourth of July four guys ran a stop sign in a car and a guy hit them in a pickup and all four in the car died. 


That really sucks, Thunderstorms aren't to be messed with. Umbrellas, golf clubs, fishing rods, and it would seem flag poles should all be avoided in that sort of weather. Just there might not be much warning...  :-\

BTW, inside a car is one of the safest places to be in a thunderstorm. Metal Faraday cage and all that. The car's electronics might not survive, but you probably will. 
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Chuck White

Sad news for sure Lynn, my condolences.
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Sorry for your loss.

Jim Rogers
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So sorry to hear.  While he was supported medically for awhile, it sounded merciful and quick.  Hard to know, but may not be a bad way to crossover.  Can't plan for stuff like that.
My father once said, "This is my son who wanted to grow up and become a doctor.  So far, he's only become a doctor."


Agree as doctorb says.. had a friend pass last week after being bed-ridden and dying for the past two years. Visits with him were sad, as he was just a vegetable and could only stare. Very difficult to stop by to say hello. 

Still sad for Lynn's friend going so quickly, and honoring our flag at the time. He gave.
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The dwindles are the worst.....
My father once said, "This is my son who wanted to grow up and become a doctor.  So far, he's only become a doctor."

petefrom bearswamp

Sorry to hear about your friend Lynn, sounds pretty mercifully quick for him tho.
Anecdotally, I had foot surgery in February 2020 immediately before covid hit.
Was told that I didnt want to wake up from what I think was a botched anesthesia.
Thought to my self when told this that it wouldnt have been a bad way to go, just go  to sleep and not wake up.
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Ron Scott

A sad happening. Prayers sent!

Bruno of NH

Sorry for your loss Mr Lynn
Prayers sent 
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firefighter ontheside

I'm sorry for your loss Lynn.
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JD Guy

Condolences here also...


Sad story MM, sorry for the loss of your friend.

It's hard for me to hear lightning with a clearing saw screaming, but I can see signs. I head for the truck when I see signs of one coming. Most of ours occur well after work hours, thankfully.
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