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Peter Drouin:
Rain today so I thought you all would like to see this job. when I got to the job today I saw this :D :D :D A few logs all ln a row. so I set the mill up.


  The customer gave me the cut list and I started. the customer did a good job to line up the logs, but sometimes they get out of alignment . so I made a log mover for my self.

  It will work with any mill. just some 5" wheels and angle iron. the limbs are cut flush to the tree. I just roll the log up on it, I have 4"x4"x4' in front of it.


  just push the log sideways and your all lined up. will work with biger logs to.

  I use it all the time. it was hot to day so the umbrella came out today not to burn my but.

  and at the end of the day I blow off the mill. I have a aircompressor that I bring with me.


  I like to use a small tip, so I can get in all those small places. I like to blow out the filter too

  and then cover the mill and go home :D I made a small dent in the pile. ill go back wednesday



Now that's a big job! Cool idea on the log mover too!

That is a nice whack of logs and a very good idea on the log mover/aligner.

What dimensions of lumber are you sawing?

Pete,good idea on that log evener,we just used the roller toe boards but only works if your on them. Frank C.


 A tapered slab in the middle of the logs lets you steer it easy as you roll it also, looks like a week or so of cutting  , might have to move the mill closer to pile after a coulple of days.  Steve


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